Friday, November 7, 2008

Taffy Gets a New Doggy Coat :o)

Ok, is there anything cuter than a dog in a coat??.....

"...that's what friends are for...."

Taffo and his ball.....

Taffo very rarely allows himself to be photographed doing anything too 'silly',
but I was able to capture this shot as he slipped off to dreamland....

....simply entitled, "Jedha's Lip" :o)

...I have to be sure to keep up on this blog because I know our friends back in Australia want to be sure we are doing ok over here in America, especially our Grandpa Harris who took such good care of us until we were able to fly across from Sydney to Michigan to be with Mom & Dad. Grandpa if you are reading this, we are doing really good over here in America, getting walks everyday, special treats when we are good, and trying not to chase so many squirrels! And we are staying far away from those 'smelly kitty cats' too!

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