Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ahhh Spring at Last!....

Keeping a watchful eye on Jedha-Bug Bear
from my studio window....

Warm weather = Jedha doesn't want to eat,
just wants to get back outside....

Jedha thinking about all the squirrels he's missing out on
because Mom wants him to eat his food...

Refusing to eat anymore....Mom will have to hand feed me,
of which she on rare occasion will do....

Finally! Back outside in the don't make me come in! Pleeeez!
Yep, my Mom keeps telling us we need to have children,
and to that I say, heck we already have two!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Snowy Walk in April?

Taffy & Jedha getting their Spiderman Red & Superman Blue
coats on for a walk in the Michigan snow of April??

...if you could bottle the ENERGY they have before departure!

Mom had to take a photo because we still
look SO cute as a bug's nose in our
coats....yeah whatever Mom.

FINALLY! I thought we'd never get out to survey the neighborhood...

And of course Taffy is in the lead as per usual...if Jedha only realized
he outweighs Taffy by at least 15lbs!

Thankfully the snow has melted now and maybe, just maybe
Spring will begin here in Michigan!

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