Friday, February 20, 2009

Where is Spring Already?

So I want to try and be better about posting more goings on of our two Aussie dogs, Taffy and Jedha, but here in Michigan not a great deal has been going on except for grey skies and cold, blistering wind. We did have a scare earlier in the week when we were up at the park. We were playing ball, chasing the occasional squirrel, and then decided to start back on our walk. Well, as we rounded the corner to our horror we came face to face with not one, but TWO loose pitbulls, oh yes, and one was pregnant! I immediately tried to tell myself, 'remain calm & assertive, what would Cesar Millan want me to do right now?'....but that pretty much went out the window as each pitbull went after each one of our dogs. All I could think about was 'bloody hell the white one is pregnant and the grey one is gonna defend her to the death'! Both our dogs would've started a fight in a heartbeat, especially Taffy who was rescued from the streets and is quite dog in panic mode I pulled with all my might and managed to get all 75 plus pounds of Jedha safely across the park and away from the pitbulls. Thankfully my husband was with me and was able to get Taffy across the park as well. In the meantime, the dog catcher tried in vain to wrangle the two pitbulls. He was actually going to have to get an officer to shoot the dogs if he could not find a way to capture them as each time he tried, they would try to attack him! I certainly didn't want for that to happen, and again, thankfully we heard yesterday that they were finally able to catch the loose pitbulls and bring them to the Humane Society... Definitely got the ol' heart rate going let me tell you, but at least all is well once again and we are able to play at the park without any fear of attack...although we will be more aware of our surroundings from now on!(I chose some of my favorite shots of the boys to share here.... love the one of Taffy at the beach in Cairns...he is such a handsome boy:o)

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some fun shots of Taffy & Jedha :o)

I've neglected Taffy & Jedha's blog a bit as I have been busy with a new project I started at the beginning of this year called, Painting a Pup a Day in which I try my best to paint a dog each day, or every few days and donate 10% to one of the many dog rescue groups I currently work with. It has definitely kept me busy as I now have groups on both Facebook and Flickr following along on my year-long journey in addition to my Painting a Pup a Day Blog. Keeps me busy, but it has been such a joy combining two things I love the most, dogs and painting! If you are interested in following along on my journey, feel free to subscribe to my Painting a Pup a Day blog, or join my group on Facebook or Flickr! And of course if you are interested in having your dog's portrait done feel free to contact me at and I can send you my current price list for 2009 and put you on the waiting list!

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