Friday, December 19, 2008

Aussie Dogs LOVE the CCCold Beach!

Taffy & Jedha finally experience snow up to their knees...

here they are jumping thru it like snow bunnies!
Taffy plays in it like he is at the beach back in Australia!

Jedha eating the snow like it's Edy's french vanilla ice cream!

Dad with his boys in the morning snow

Michigan Winter Wonderland!

Taffy on the attack! Jedha seeking refuge with Mom :o)

The boys watching Dad shovel the steps and porch....waiting ever so patiently for their walk to the park where Jedha almost caught a squirrel slowed down by the 6-8inches of snow we've gotten so far today!...Granted I think even if Jedha had caught the poor fella, he would've just wanted to make friends...however, knowing what happened to our Golden Retriever, Cassie, a few years back, I think the squirrel would've had quite a painful surprise in store for Jedha's big, black nose!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aussie Dogs LOVE Michigan Snow!

Jedha enjoying the quiet stillness of a Michigan Winter....

In awe of the softly falling white stuff from the sky....

The boys discover you can eat the cold white stuff! Now they think it is ice cream as they eat it off of everything and everywhere....yes, we have discovered that eating too much snow does not work too well with a dog's 'system' but how do we tell them no?....

Taffy playing with his ball like he did back home at the beach....boy this is cold sand here!

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Jedha and Taffy's 1st Autumn & Winter in Michigan!

Can you tell I've neglected Jedha and Taffy's blog a bit? Well as you can see they have enjoyed the leaves of fall and now are enjoying the discoveries Winter has in store for you can see from the photos they were wondering what this cold white stuff was falling from the sky?? More snow photos to follow!...

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