Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some fun shots of Taffy & Jedha :o)

I've neglected Taffy & Jedha's blog a bit as I have been busy with a new project I started at the beginning of this year called, Painting a Pup a Day in which I try my best to paint a dog each day, or every few days and donate 10% to one of the many dog rescue groups I currently work with. It has definitely kept me busy as I now have groups on both Facebook and Flickr following along on my year-long journey in addition to my Painting a Pup a Day Blog. Keeps me busy, but it has been such a joy combining two things I love the most, dogs and painting! If you are interested in following along on my journey, feel free to subscribe to my Painting a Pup a Day blog, or join my group on Facebook or Flickr! And of course if you are interested in having your dog's portrait done feel free to contact me at and I can send you my current price list for 2009 and put you on the waiting list!

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