Thursday, April 9, 2009

Snowy Walk in April?

Taffy & Jedha getting their Spiderman Red & Superman Blue
coats on for a walk in the Michigan snow of April??

...if you could bottle the ENERGY they have before departure!

Mom had to take a photo because we still
look SO cute as a bug's nose in our
coats....yeah whatever Mom.

FINALLY! I thought we'd never get out to survey the neighborhood...

And of course Taffy is in the lead as per usual...if Jedha only realized
he outweighs Taffy by at least 15lbs!

Thankfully the snow has melted now and maybe, just maybe
Spring will begin here in Michigan!

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  1. Hi Lara, BeAuTiFuL puppies! Oh, and I posted a video of my KIra playing with the Bob-a-lot toy. BTW, my home town is Muskegon, nice to meet another Michigander!

  2. Oh how cool is that!I'll have to check out your video!:o)

  3. Looks cold. I guess we are lucky here in San Jose, California, we don't have to walk Lucy in the snow!

  4. We do have a loonnngg winter that my Aussie husband hates, but the dogs love it...we are thinking of eventually moving south, maybe NC or SC...after living over a year in Australia I also am sick of the long, cold winters in Michigan!