Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not Ready to Say Goodbye...

My parents Black Lab, Pepper hasn't been eating the past few days & has been getting quite thin. She's been sleeping most of the day as she is 12 now, but I just cannot even 'go there'...none of us are ready to say goodbye to her...we've had her since she was a puppy...I remember the night we got her. She came through the front door like a full of life & energy. Our Golden Retriever, Cassie was not at all thrilled that night, but eventually grew to tolerate Pepper & in time they became the best of buddies. We lost Cassie a few years back & our hearts still ache for will we ever let go of our Pepper-pot?...I hate that big dogs don't last as long as the little ones...Small dogs seem to live just isn't fair. She's been such a good ol' girl. 
(from my Mom): As I lay down beside her, our eyes met w/a special understanding of what our time together has meant. A pup, 4x given away, (no one would give her the ♥ & patience she required), to the strong, bright companion I knew she could become...our lives intertwined. I stroked her head, her tail thumped against the floor,& then she placed her outstretched leg on my shoulder & my eyes welled with tears.
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  1. Your mom's story filled our eyes, and hearts, with tears. We really hope your beautiful Pepper is just suffering from a cold and nothing more. We will pray for her to heal and send lots of love and healing thoughts her way. So sorry to read of your sadness and Pepper's illness, and I agree, it is very unfair that our big dogs have shorter lifespans.

    Hang in there, Pepper! Please heal and get well!


    Suka and K

  2. Oh, my. I'm so sorry she isn't feeling well. Pets have a way of touching our lives so deeply