Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Destroying the Tumor & Saving Taffy's Life...

We went to the Oncologist today & they injected the bone with Neoplasene and the tumor some ruptured this afternoon which is good! It will continue to drain & eventually fall off & only leave healthy tissue behind. Praying his eye will be ok...but praying more that his life will be saved! God, we need a miracle.
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  1. That photo is difficult to look at. It looks so painful. But what excellent news! That is great it is draining and will eventually fall off. Taffy is such a strong dog to endure this. Continued prayers for Taffy's quick and full recovery! What an amazing, and beautiful, dog. Also, we will pray that his eye remains safe. Good luck and congratulations on the successes so far!

    K and Suka