Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Packing & the BBQ Thief...

So, as you can see from the photos above, Taffy (and Jedha) have been contributing quite a lot to our packing this week as we prepare to move this weekend....

...and they even helped Dad prepare steak & chicken
for the 'barbe' (BBQ in Australian)

...but a funny thing happened in the end, apparently the steak and chicken was a bit too tempting to one someone of the 'canine persuasion'...so as Dad was talking with a neighbor, someone of the 'canine persuasion' carefully removed a steak from the plate next to the BBQ... Well, if you haven't guessed who the culprit was, I'll give you a hint, he's large, yellow and furry...yep, Jedha Bug-Bear helped himself to a steak, medium rare, just how he likes it. Dad was a bit upset to say the least, but he cooled down after Mom reminded him that Jedha is a dog and if you are gonna turn your back on a steak, well....
I'm just happy Jedha was so careful as to not break my plate!That's my boy! ;o)

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  1. ...he's lucky he's so darn cute!:o)

  2. LOL! Dogs and steaks! We were camping with my dad and his springer spaniel once. Dad had brought T-bones, and a friend of ours had given us deer steaks. Dad went to get the seasoning for the steaks, only to discover one was missing. It was a T-bone. With, "where's that steak!?" his spaniel dove under the picnic table. I guess the preference for domestic meat over wild game meat was made very clear! ;)