Saturday, July 4, 2009

Give a Dog a Bath...

Jedha literally a few hours after a much needed bath...

...questioning 'why all the concern'?

After all, it's only a little bit of dirt right?...

Which reminds me...back in Sydney Jedha Bug-Bear was a bit of a 'digger'...we had thought Jedha was just soaking up the sun all the while in the backyard, chasing an occasional cockatiel, but truth be told he had been spending his afternoons under the house digging a cubby hole that could fit a small vehicle! Not sure where he thought he was going, but thankfully the hole was discovered before he made it to China!

My Mom keeps nudging me that we need to have kids, and again I say
'why have kids when I already have 2 fur-children'? :o)
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  1. Hi Lara, so these are the two some then :) well you couldn't have left them behind they sound like they are great characters, & look adorable, why have kids when these too will be keeping you well entertained, oops don't tell your mum I said that :) My Bellatrix has started digging since we moved evey time I come home she is sat at the front door waiting in antisipation, what a suck she is!! Elaine :)

  2. These are our 2 knuckleheads, but I truly could not imagine life without them :o) always cracks me up on walks when so many people are afraid of Jedha because of his size, but he is just a big teddy bear!I would trust him with a newborn baby, he is that gentle!..I've had a lot of dogs throughout the years, but Jedha is by far the most loving!:o)

  3. Wonderful companions I'm sure!!