Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's Yours is Mine...A Love Story?

I think photos can really tell stories so well, but for a bit of background,
Jedha is not really big on balls...this is actually 1 of Taffy's 6 Ultra-Chuck It balls....

....but, of course, like children Jedha figures 'what's yours is mine'.

It's not that he really wants to play with the ball...he just doesn't want Taffy to have it.

Taffy manages to get the ball back momentarily...only to lose it a few moments later.

...and being a bit of a brat, Jedha taunts Taffy with the ball in his face & tempts him to 'just try and get the ball from me'!...

...just look at that face!

A brief squabble erupts and then Taffy quickly recovers his faithful friend.

Nothing like sibling rivalry! :o)
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  1. He he that is too funny. I play keep away from my mom but she is okay with it. =)