Saturday, October 31, 2009

Aussie Beach Boys...Summer Memories with Taffy & Jedha Continued

You can take the Aussie dogs out of Australia, but you can't take away their love of the beach! This past summer Taffy & Jedha discovered the beautiful beaches of Michigan....true in September it was a bit chilly on the shores of Lake Michigan but it didn't stop the boys from catching some waves, sun, & sand!

They didn't venture out too far cuz Mom said there were no lifeguards...

We had plenty of fun playing in the surf, 
chasing the ball, and each other!

Jedha Bug Bear really loved Michigan's 
sandy beaches, can you tell?

It was a bit on the windy side as is evident from Jedha's ears...thankfully he didn't lift off the shoreline!

I think this shot says it all...what a grreat day at the beach!
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