Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Deer Encounters with Jedha Bug Bear...

Deer is something new to this Aussie pup. He was introduced to his beloved squirrels last year, and a baby skunk last summer (he didn't like that one so much, nor the subsequent bath which followed), but this fall he has come to know deer, and a love/hate relationship has begun. I only wish I had a better camera as this little doe came so close to Jedha, and had he not started growling I think she would've come straight up to him! She would move a little closer, stomp her hoof to see if Jedha was scared (which he probably was), and then move a little closer. But alas, Jedha spoiled the fun with his grizzly bear growl and off she went, back into the woods!
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  1. How great to get such a close shot! That is a rarity...

  2. Yeah, I just wish I had a better camera!:o(...Hoping either Santa will realize I've been really nice this year, or I sell a heap of paintings in the New Year and can treat myself? :o)...It was pretty cool though!I think the doe really thought Jedha might've been a deer...until the growling started.