Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jedha & Taffy~2 Aussie Dogs Take On America!

This is the story about two Australian dogs, rescued from the streets, and their adventures here in America! I thought it would be fun for family, friends, & fellow dog lovers to share this journey with us. Taffy, a Kelpie/New Zealand Hunterway Mix, pictured first, was rescued by my Aussie husband, Jonathan, off the streets of Cairns in Australia about 5 years ago. He appeared literally on his front doorstep in the pouring rain of the wet season, every rib showing, hungry for food and for affection. Jedha, our Yellow Lab/Red Healer Mix, was rescued by my husband from the local animal shelter in Cairns after he was found wandering the streets at only 2 months old. Now, fast forward a bit as we were living in Australia after our marriage in 2006, but decided to take on America in 2008! There was no way we would be leaving our furry nuggets behind, and so on July 2, Taffy and Jedha made the long journey from Sydney, Australia, to join us here in Michigan!
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