Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well, let's just say I did not anticipate just how much our 2 Aussie dogs would LOVE squirrels (they don't have them in Australia)! Each morning, as they step, or should I say LAUNCH out the door!, they run to the back fence where they saw a neighborhood squirrel, oh about 2 weeks ago now...but of course they think it has to still be there. I wish I had photos of the very first squirrel Jedha saw. I watched him from the kitchen window as this friendly yet cautious little squirrel came slowly walking down the side fence. Jedha had been napping on his Coolaroo bed( from Australia I might add! purchased here at PetSmart), and spotted this furry creature making it's way closer and closer to his proximity and then it just stopped. The squirrel started clicking and flipping it's tail as if to see if he could entice Jedha to do something...well a couple steps later down the fence and he got his wish! Jedha SPRANG off his Coolaroo bed and flew towards the squirrel, who in turn first tried turning and going the other direction down the fence, then backtracked, nearly fell, until finally he decided he better make a leap for it and jumped off the fence and onto the safety of a nearby tree! It was just so amazing to moment, calm, peaceful serenity, a split second later flying fur at 100mph! Welcome to America Jedha Boy!
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